Joyce Sarpong

Founder and director of AfricaOracle

Joyce is the founder and director of AfricaOracle – a marketing consultancy business that curates narratives to engage and promote Africa and its diaspora. She is also a trustee of a London school and a lecturer in entrepreneurship and marketing. Joyce is passionate about education and believes that all children should enjoy good quality education that enables them to develop to their full potential in a safe, happy and nurturing environment.

Joyce Sarpong is an accomplished business woman, with proven commercial success in her executive career, having worked over 20 years experience of working in the public and private sector. Today, she has a portfolio career with two not for profit roles, one as a trustee for a large leading independent school in London advising the head and his senior management team and one as a trustee on a small educational charity board advising their small executive team. Joyce is also the founder and Director for AfricaOracle, an organisation that provides consultancy marketing services to promote African brands. AfricaOracle is currently focusing on helping tourism and hospitality business executives promote their brand offerings.

I am interested in the council for a number of reasons:

• It combines my passions of education and helping children to fulfil their full potential both locally and internationally.
• I also believe in embracing innovation and technology to bring about new business models and deliver improved experiences. Therefore, I am attracted to the council’s mission to “offer training, support, credibility and quality assurance to all entities that provide education in non-standard settings.”