“Our mission is to offer training, support, validation and quality assurance to all entities that support learning in non-standard settings.”



The International Council Education Otherwise Than At School offers three things: consultancy, training, and accreditation, for all non-standard forms of education. If you run a group, work at an educational organisation, or are interested in education that is not based in a school, you may well find like-minded people in our network.

This means we governed by a strict code of conduct, which can be seen here.

The Council trustees meet with our Advisory Board twice a year, either face-to-face or virtually.

If you have any questions about the Council, please feel free to contact us.


To offer training for individuals and groups so that they can better sustain continuous professional improvement and development.

To organise support and consultancy.

To provide accreditation for the full range of organisations that support learning in non-standard settings.